8oz Huskee Cup and Lid, Charcoal + Coffee


Amazing reusable cups made from coffee husk.

This is a single cup with lid in Charcoal black plus a 125g bag of coffee ground to your choice.

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HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material. Husk is an organic waste product from the milling stage of coffee production.

Benefits of buying a HuskeeCup
Reusable and durable
Comfortable to hold
Hotter for longer
Universal Lid and Saucer
Dishwasher friendly
Repurposes coffee waste
BPA free
Closed loop end of life

Every year millions of tons of coffee husk is produced and billions of single-use cups go to landfill. By purchasing HuskeeCup you’re helping to reduce the coffee industry’s footprint both at the farm, and at home.

Additional information

Weight.3 kg


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