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Welcome to Roasting Roulette. This is your opportunity to get involved with a fun little experiment that myself and Jon from The Institute of Coffee did.

After many months of chatting, myself and Jon @theinstituteofcoffee_ got together to throw some coffee through the roaster.


Well Jon has an interest in learning more about coffee roasting and after chatting about it for a while I cooked up an idea of getting in a sack of a coffee so Jon can learn about roasting with it and I could do something I’ve never really had the confidence to do before and make some extreme changes to roast profiles without having to worry about selling the coffee.

I’ve always been cautious with the changes I make during roasting, just changing things by 5% here or a few degrees there, but during this roasting session we did wild changes with air speed, charge temperature, gas changes through the roast and coming into 1st crack.

The coffee

We used a Kenyan fully washed that was given a score of 87.5 from @sucafina_europe . I’m not really a score hunter and look for what I like and what has potential, and this should be an amazing fruity coffee, so was perfect for this experiment.

We cupped the 7 roasts we did on the day and all were different from each other even if the end profiles weren’t miles different to each other. I definitely worked out that this was a very stubborn coffee that had a route it wanted to go no matter what we did

What next?

Well I hadn’t really thought that far ahead, I knew I wasn’t going to sell it as it was experimental and 7 different roasts with very different profiles.

I will be giving some to a local charity that serves up coffee at some of their parent and young child groups.

With Jon being a well established barista and coffee trainer we decided to put together a fun little score sheet to go with some limited packs so you can try the coffee and experience how different roasts can affect the same coffee.

Roasting Roulette!

The idea is to send out 7 x 250g sets of the coffee, this will be limited to 10-15 sets. You can then brew these coffees up at your leisure, using whatever method you like or a selection of methods, fill out the score sheet as you go, send us a pic when you’re done and we’ll share the results.

There’s no right or wrong just enjoy.

Sample A is very light so some grinders might struggle grinding it for espresso, if that is your chosen brew method.

The price for these is only to cover some of the green coffee cost along with postage and packaging. This is more about sharing the experiment and not letting coffee go to waste rather than profit, so if you feel this is too much coffee for you then please feel free to share with friends and family.

Lastly please check out Jons’ website if you are looking to do any sort of coffee training. Jon covers everything from basic home barista courses all the way through to training baristas for the competition stage. The Institute of Coffee

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How to store coffee at home
To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, you need to protect your coffee from air, sunlight, heat, and moisture. These all will contribute to making it stale and lose flavour.

We suggest keeping your coffee in an airtight container, in a cool, dry cupboard. Our bags all have a de-gassing valve, to let out CO2 that the beans produce once roasted, it’s not just there to sniff the coffee, and a reusable ziplock. So if you don’t have a fancy coffee jar just push the air out the bag, zip the lock and give the bag another squeeze to get any remaining air out.

Do not store your coffee in the fridge. Roasted coffee absorbs moisture from the air (hygroscopic) and will also take up surrounding aromas. The aromas and moisture levels in the fridge will react with the coffee and delicate flavours will deteriorate.

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