Aeropress Coffee Maker (with a bag of Coffee)


The Aeropress is a highly popular coffee brewer. These have been used all over the world and even has a world brewing championship every year! It was also invented by the same man that invented the Aerobie (if your younger than 40 you may need to google that)

Easy to use, clean, store and travel with. It’s as capable and comfortable in the kitchen as it is in a trekkers backpack.

Comes with a 250g bag of coffee.

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A highly popular brewer due to its ease of use and the delicious coffee it produces. The Aeropress yields smooth, rich coffee with less than 1/5 of the acidity of drip brew coffee. It’s easy to use and quick to clean making this the ideal coffee maker for the home, the office, or even on the move
Product features

• Brand: Aerobie
• Material: BPA-free plastic
• Size: 2-cup
• Brew time: 2 minute
• Filter: Aeropress Microfilter (x350 included)
• Filter lifespan: single use
• Micro filtration means grit free coffee
• Includes: Aeropress coffee maker, mixer chamber, filter cap, plunger, filters (x350), filter holder, finnel, stir stick, coffee scoop, instructions

Additional information

Weight .3 kg


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