Retail or Wholesale Opportunities

  • Are you looking to add a speciality coffee to your current line up?

  • Are you think of or about to open a new Coffee shop, Café, Pub Coffee Van?

  • Do you want to bring amazing coffee to your place of work?

  • Have you got space in your shop that you’d like to fill with bags of hand roasted specialty coffee and brewing equipment?

  • Do you need new equipment?

  • Do you want to be more than just another wholesale account?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have other questions then get in touch with me and lets work together!

I love meeting new people, who are running amazing small businesses and making great connections.

I can help your source and install new equipment, put you in contact with some amazing machine rental companies, help you with training and plenty more. We can work on what you want to offer to your customers, work on a bespoke blend of coffee just for you or just use a coffee already in my line-up.

My ethos with Bell’s Beans is to keep small and stay fresh. This means that my coffee range changes through the year as coffees come and go through the seasons, this allows for new, fresh, interesting coffees all year for me to offer to you. I only want to be a 6-8 tonne a year coffee roastery so that I can work with other people and businesses that really want to enjoy and appreciate the best speciality coffee knowing that they will be giving the best they can to their customers.

If you are local to me in Surrey then lets get a closed loop delivery system going and reduce any waste that we can with reusable buckets for your coffee.

So don’t hesitate to get in contact, I love chatting about coffee!
Tel: 07733949037


Specialty coffee is only special because we care about it. When someone in the chain stops caring about the coffee and where it came from, then its no longer speciality, lets not be those people!

white and brown bowls filled with speciality coffee ready for sampling
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