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I have been ordering from Bell’s since they started and the taste and quality of the coffee is always fantastic.
Recently had some supermarket beans I was drinking and when you taste the difference it’s night and day how much better Bell’s coffee is.
I love trying new coffee from interesting regions and have just bought their sample pack of 4 coffees from around the world.
Great value and great taste, I can’t ask for more.

James Dare

Gorgeous decaf coffee. Smooth with rich flavour smells divine! Plus local roasting from a local start up! Best coffee

Picture of bag of bells beans decaf coffee with a full mug and a moka pot
Clare Gorton

Another great order from Chris Bell Bell's Beans, hands down the best coffee around 😋

Steve A Sarah McGlynn

To think I only ever used to drink tea. Bought this lovely selection of beans from @bells_beans Chris I have to say the coffee is amazing @bells_beans , I'm not much of a coffee drinker but this has changed my mind lots. I'm still learning to make coffee but the beans really help as they are super tasty and the smell is crazy. If you haven't tried them yet go get some. Lots of different samples to try. I must say very impressive set up.
If you like coffee please try these, Support a friend of mine and support a local business. You'll not be sorry.

Row of bells beans coffee
James Goodall

So impressed with all of the coffees I've had from Bell's Beans so far! It's the kind of thing I'd expect in an artisan coffee shop, triple filtered, dripped over ancient volcanic stones and served in an ornate glass beaker, but minus the pretense. (haha) The Brazilian was mild but wonderfully flavoursome with notes of chocolate. Tanzanian felt like a medium roast with bags of flavour. Dark roasted Chinese packs a punch! Highly recommended! [gallery ids="16240,16241,16239"]  

Jon Crowley

Ordered a big bag of Uganda Midnight Flyer as we’re partial to a coffee at the weekend. It’s now become our morning tipple and every morning is special. Big thanks to Chris & Bell’s beans, fantastic product, well packaged and tastes amazing 💕💕💕
  Best coffee

Pietro Masoero

My lovely Tanzanian Illomba medium roast arrived yesterday. I made three to dial in the grind and got this perfect little number out. Absolutely beautiful and slipped down a treat. My sweet-toothed, syrup obsessed wife even said she would be happy to drink it without any sugar. Thanks Bell's Beans

Ben Godfrey

So I have watched closely and waited patiently for new coffee start-up @bells_beans to begin shipping. And today I received my first delivery after placing an order a couple of days ago. Now I will drop a couple of reviews over the coming weeks, but it’s safe to say that, I know what I like and I like what I see. I ordered four different bags of beans from this new coffee start up, and within 2 days of purchase the bags were delivered. Well packaged, and very nicely presented, each bag was 250g as described. I decided to start with the Brazilian blend and was not disappointed, it was smooth and rich in flavour. It suited the fine grind I prefer to use in my expresso machine. My work team (also big coffee drinkers) we’re also excited to try coffee from somewhere new, and it has been agreed that we shall now purchase an expresso machine for the office (to replace our refillable pods) I am looking forward to what’s next from Bells Beans and can advise my friends that they shall be receiving coffee from me this Christmas. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Chris and expect to see big things in the future. My advice, get on the interweb and order yourself some of @bells_beans

James Batney
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