Rhino Coffee Gear Brewing Scales


These Rhino scales have a 3kg capacity and a built in timer.

Scales are an essential piece of equipment when brewing coffee. Making sure you are using the right amount of coffee to water “ratio” is one of the basics of being able to make amazing coffee time and time again, it means you can repeat what you did before or change your ratio and see how that changes the taste of the coffee.

Having the built in timer in these scales helps you control another variable of coffee brewing. Knowing how long a coffee takes to brew can help you decide how to change your grind setting to yet again change the flavour of your cup of coffee, or just use it as a simple timer when immersion brewing.

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The newly designed Rhino Coffee Brew Scale is a leap in improvement from the previous model.

Ever been brewing and can’t read the display? Rhino fixed that problem with this brew scale. The display is extended out so whether your brewing a Chemex or Hario V60 you can read the weight and time on the scale.

With its increased 3kg capacity and 0.1g accuracy, the Rhino Coffee Brew Scale will ensure delicious coffee every time.
They’ve even added ‘Auto-Off’ to save battery power. This upgraded model has overload protection in case of accidents. You can tare and calibrate the scale as well.

The timer display allows you to time your brews according to your recipe.

Product Features
• Brand: RhinoWares
• Capacity 1000g – 0.1g increments
• Size: Platform is 7cm x 7cm

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